Flyer Distribution Standards Association


In 2015, the Flyer Distribution Standards Association (FDSA), once again, undertook research to continue to understand the relationship Canadians have with flyers in order to gauge trends and examine consumer engagement with various types of flyers and direct-to-consumer marketing media.

The FDSA is pleased to release the most recent industry study overview. To access, click on the link below 
 FDSA 2015 Flyer Engagement Study   - To purchase via fax, click here to download the form

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NOTE: 2013 & 2014 Flyer Engagement Studies also available for purchase

Complete Data File plus Category
Member $1,500.00                NonMember  $3,000.00
NOTE: Data file for use with specialized cross-tabulation software applications (ie. SPSS)    License Agreement must be signed. Contact Mary Markou at to complete the purchase.

Full Category Report (PDF Reports) also available in Excel
Member $ 750.00                 NonMember $1,500.00 

SINGLE CATEGORY REPORT (PDF Report but also available in excel)
Member  $ 150.00                NonMember $300.00

Upcoming Research

2015 Consumer Engagement Study Now Available Purchase 2013 and 2014 Engagement Studies as well Complete Data File plus Category   $1,500.00   $3,000.00   (NOTE: Data file for use with...