Flyer Distribution Standards Association

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Executive Committee Members

Allison Fraser, Home Depot

Karen Hudson, Shoppers Drug Mart

John Querques, QMI Sales/Quebecor Media


Research Committee


Provide flyer media industry statistics, knowledge, insight, information and best practices across the Canadian retail landscape.


  • Act as a "think tank" to identify and discuss industry research
  • Develop partnerships with interested stakeholders for the purposes of conducting research on behalf of the membership
  • Review industry-raised concerns and issues with a view to assisting in the development of solutions
  • Develop new ideas and initiatives to assist in the retention and prospecting activities of the association


  • Review all aspects of the flyer industry to propose areas needing research attention
  • Establish industry research priorities
  • Encourage a broad range of research activities including those carried out by academic organizations, as well as, other stakeholders
  • Secure all data and statistics on the current Canadian flyer industry
  • Coordinate with other FDSA Committees in the development of value for the membership

Committee Members

Peter Kvarnstrom, Glacier Media Group (CHAIR)
Clement Messere, Pro Distribution
Alec Patterson, Customer Link Marketing Solutions
Kathie Braid, Metroland Media Group
John Querques, QMI Sales
John Burns, Canadian Tire Corporation


Membership Committee


Create membership value regarding membership retention and prospecting.


  • Assess and develop new and current member services and partnerships
  • Develop new ideas and initiatives to assist in the retention and prospecting activities of the association
  • Increase participation and membership of wider range of industry stakeholders: such as, independent retailers, ad agencies, etc.


  • Actively survey the membership/industry to ensure there is value and benefit in membership
  • Coordinate with other FDSA Committees in the development of value for the membership


Committee Members:

Wanda Yu, Glacier Media Group

Lisa Orpen, Metroland Media Group

Karen Hudson, Shoppers Drug Mart (CHAIR)



Communications Committee


Provide the FDSA membership with consistent and relevant information regarding the FDSA and the flyer industry overall


  • Develop and identify key messages regarding the industry and assist in the process of effectively communicating those messages to the various stakeholders
  • Develop industry standards and educate on best practices


  • Assist in the re-development of the FDSA website
  • Produce a quarterly electronic newsletter for the membership
  • Work with other FDSA committees in producing "value for investment" marketing material for the membership
  • Communicate / arrange for events of research or education

Committee Members:

Enza Marella, Sears Canada (CHAIR)
Debra Mondell, Walmart



Standards Committee


Promotion of best practices in all related processes to improve print distribution performance:



  • Identify/ develop and promote best practices all along the supply chain of print distribution


  • Collaborate with all industry sectors in developing minimum standards for print, logistics and distribution.
  • Develop practical guidelines that help ease the hand-offs and eliminate wastage and practical resources to share these.
  • Establish the harmonization of practices that can be applied across all business models to improve efficiency
  • Identify and articulate best and leading practices to motivate companies to consider migration of what they do to these guidelines.

Committee Members:

Lisa Orpen, Metroland Media Group
Enza Marella, Sears Canada (CHAIR)
Diana Simpson, Loblaw Companies Limited
Abbas Homayed, Sudbury Northern Life
Joe Silvestro, TC Transcontinental Printing
Michelle MacLeod, Geomedia Inc.

Upcoming Research

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