Flyer Distribution Standards Association

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

12:00 - 12:40 pm Buffet Lunch
12:40 - 1:30 pm Presentations by GFK & FDSA


GfK FutureBuy Study

The FutureBuy study is a unique overview of consumer trending from an online survey of shoppers across 15 categories in 17 countries. It examines and compares omni-channel marketing and it's development beyond the traditional North American view. It this presentation, in which Canada appears for the first time, the traditional B2C communication channels are shown against the emerging influence of Mobile and the role of Leading Edge Consumers in the online viral marketplace. Perhaps surprisingly, flyers, couponing and other direct to home marketing are still proving to be very vital.

This presentation will be followed by: 

2014 FSDA Consumer FlyeEngagement Study 

With the increased demand of mobile and other technology in the consumers' hands, retail marketers have been expanding the reach to consumers with multi-channel marketing messages. How has this impacted their use of traditional marketing and specifically their use of flyers in their marketing mix?  Are consumers moving away from the physical flyer in favour of other digital communication methods?

The Flyer Distribution Standards Association continued to explore the consumer engagement with the retail flyer and, together with the Newspapers Canada, conducted research to measure usage of printed flyers, online flyers, catalogues, samples and coupons to establish how frequently Canadians would like to receive flyers and determine what actions were taken as a result of viewing a flyer/coupon, samples, etc.  

Join us on Tuesday, October 21st and hear the insights on this update to their research and some break out results by retail category.



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FDSA 2014 Consumer Engagement Study

GfK Futurebuy® 2014



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