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FLYERS IN CANADA: Necessary Evil or Marketing Opportunity?

Is the distribution of flyers a necessary part of your marketing mix, as a way to drive weekly store traffic and sales, or a larger opportunity to stay competitive and influence brand preference and consideration?  Come find out how Canadians perceive and use flyers and how you can keep a leg up on your competition. 

Join Neil Rennert and James Kennedy from GfK as they share the findings and analysis from recent work in understanding the impact of flyers in Canada.  Combining results from their multiple sources, including: qualitative work among print and online flyer users; a hot- off-the-press Canadian wide survey among 500 Canadians; and a new case study on the  competitive landscape and assessment of competitive advertising, Neil and James will show that flyers are still relevant and the degree to which there are different personas of flyer users and some tactical insights on how to approach what you put into your flyer. 


Sheraton Toronto Airport
Muskoka II/III Ballroom
801 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON

October 17, 2013

12:00 - 12:45 pm Buffet Lunch
12:45 - 1:30 pm Presentation

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FSDA Consumer Flyer Engagement Study Revealed

Thanks for joining us on Thursday, June 13th as Peter Kvarnstrom, President of the BC Community Media at Glacier Media Group and the FDSA’s Research Chair, shared insights on the consumer flyer engagement study and some break out results by demographic category.

We are pleased to offer a copy of the presentation to everyone for your reference.
Consumer Flyer Engagement Study Presentation

Immediately following the presentation, the FDSA was pleased to announce that the research would be available for purchase in the following report types:

* Complete Data File (plus Category reports) for use in specialized crosstabulation software applications (ie. SPSS) and Excel file format
* Full Category Report
* Single Category Reports (15 categories)

> To order a copy of the research files, and obtain more information about the 15 retail categories and their release dates
 click here

About the Presentation
With the increased demand of mobile and other technology in the consumers’ hands, retail marketers have been expanding the reach to consumers with multi-channel marketing messages. How has this impacted their use of traditional marketing and specifically their use of flyers in their marketing mix?  Are consumers moving away from the physical flyer in favour of other digital communication methods?

The Flyer Distribution Standards Association sought to explore the consumer engagement with the retail flyer and, together with the Canadian Newspaper Association, conducted research to measure usage of printed flyers, online flyers, catalogues, samples and coupons to establish how frequently Canadians would like to receive flyers and determine what actions were taken as a result of viewing a flyer/coupon, samples, etc.  

Upcoming Research

2015 Consumer Engagement Study Now Available Purchase 2013 and 2014 Engagement Studies as well Complete Data File plus Category   $1,500.00   $3,000.00   (NOTE: Data file for use with...