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About FSDA and Membership

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The current membership of the FDSA includes retailers representing 60% of the total volume published in Canada, newspapers and distributors covering 90% of Canadian households, as well as printers, binderies, transportation companies and media agencies.

Your membership will provide an opportunity to guide the development of this industry and to meet and share ideas with your peers. In addition, the FDSA will be carrying out several major projects that will be made available to its members:

Accreditation Program

The Canadian Circulation Audit Bureau and the Alliance for Audited Media will assess distributors eligibility for accreditation, based on the six-step flyer accreditation process developed and approved by the FDSA.

Best Practices For Transportation Documents

A standardization program for flyer shipping manifests, barcoding and labels to ensure the consistent presence of all information required for transportation, scheduling, and storage.

Standardized Glossary of Flyer Terminology

Standard industry terms, nomenclature and acronyms to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings.


Ongoing information updates on events, programs and resources available to FDSA member organizations.

Website + Web Applications

Our revamped website contains a sortable membership directory, account management tools, an online library of resources and documents, updated news and much more.


Join us on LinkedIn and connect with your colleagues, partners and industry professionals to exchange ideas, news, media updates, etc.

Upcoming Research

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