Flyer Distribution Standards Association

Membership Fee Structure

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Membership Category
Membership Fee

1A Retailer/Advertiser
(Single banner with 20 or fewer locations)


1B Retailer/Advertiser
(Single banner with more than 20 locations)


1C Retailer/Advertiser
(Corporate Group)

$500 + $100 per banner
(maximum $1,000)

2A Media/Distributor
(Independent or Single Market, circulation under 30,000 households)


2B Media/Distributor
(Independent or Single Market, circulation over 30,000 households)


2C Media/Distributor
(Corporate Group)

$500 + $20* per market / banner**
(maximum $1,500)

3A Printer


3B Transportation Company


3C Media Manager/Agency


4A Association


4B Other


*Media/Distributor (corporate group) extra markets charge. **The FDSA Board of Directors reserves the right to determine what constitutes a market or banner within the Media/Distributor (Corporate Group) category.

Upcoming Research

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